Extra Length Rice Bag

Extra Length Rice Bag




This product has been designed to assist with warmth and heat to the chest area.
Microwave for three minutes and apply the rice bag across the chest above the
nipple.  This technique allows the mum to catch her breath and relax prior to feeds.
The extra warmth also assists with milk flow and softens tender and hard ducts that
may be felt on the breasts. These rice bags make excellent gifts and can be used on
the lower back for period pain, for pain relief from a stiff neck and even joint pains.

This is what a happy client had to say:

“I used your rice bag while my baby was in NICU and it really helped me express
more milk for my baby.  I found the product very comforting. It’s great and does not
smell when heated.” Thank You


Deepa Maharaj – Mother of one.


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