Useful FAQ’s

Useful FAQ's

What is an IBCLC?
Is all breastmilk the same?
Are uterine contractions and after birth pains normal in the first week after baby’s birth ?
Can I Breastfeed if I have had a breast reduction or breast enlargement?
If I have slightly inverted nipples is this a problem?
Is nipple pain normal?
Must I feed from both breasts or one?
If I have a pre-existing medical condition like Diabetes, Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Multiple Schlerosis, Epilepsy, Bipolar Mood Disorder etc can I still breastfeed my baby?
Are nursing strikes normal?
What foods help make milk?
What are “Galactagogues?”
Is Mixed Feeding a problem?
My baby has hiccups - what must I do?