Our Services

At Best Start Baby we offer a full range of services starting with pre-conception planning and including the first 1000 days of life. This period of development is the most important for HUMAN GROWTH.

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Pre-conception planning

Pre-conception counseling including a full health check and history assessment. The importance of folic acid.


The A- Z of pregnancy.

Birth - Vaginal birth

Walking through the stages of Vaginal Birth (breathing, stages of labour, pushing, delivery).

Birth - Caesarean section

Caesarean Section (spinal block, theatre, recovery, transfer to the ward).


Skin on skin, latching, follow-up support.

Baby at birth

Apgar scores, physical examination, TWINS, neonatal ICU, what is normal and what is not normal.

The first 6 weeks

Sleeping, nappy changes, baby bath.

Support systems

Postnatal support, signs of postnatal depression , practical parenting tips.

Healthy food

Mum’s daily eating plan and foods to enhance milk supply.

The Introduction of solids for the infant

Focusing on when and how to start and introduce solids.

Mental coach

The Trajectory flow chart from being a couple to an evolving family.

Sleep hygiene coach

A holistic view of family sleep patterns and how to integrate the newborn and baby sleep routines.

Sex and the post-partum period

Looking at changing sexual relationships and practical suggestions.

Surrogacy and specialized lactation

Support systems. The initiation of lactation via the use of the SNS system (Supplemental Nursing System) and compiling bespoke programmes for couples.

Same sex couples and support

Working towards practical and sustainable breastfeeding solutions.

Corporate wellness

Judy consults corporate clients who wish to improve their in-house lactation facilities. She is also a popular speaker and panellist at corporate wellness programmes and events.

Hospital training

On the Best Start Feeding Initiative Programme and the essential basics of lactation.

Expressing for micro-prems

With the use of hospital grade breast pumps and flexible milk expressing programmes.

Training and lecturing

To all Medical School Graduates on the Best Start Feeding Initiative Programme with special emphasis on the sustainability of breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life.

Most medical aids

Will pay for one antenatal and one post-natal consultation. Clients must pay for these consultations initially via credit card, cash or EFT and then submit their receipts to medical aids for reimbursement.

Special needs support

Breastfeeding expertise with feeding infants born with a cleft palate / lip, Downs Syndrome, Cardiac Conditions etc.

Twins and multiples

Breastfeeding made easy for feeding and managing twins and multiple births.

Breastpump hire/ sales and spare parts

We can advise on a full range of products and expressing equipment.

Bottle feeding

Assistance with introducing a bottle. Paced bottle feeding, guidance and support. The safe preparation and introduction of formula feeds.